Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Measures Implemented

Dear guests,

Welcome to Payava Hotel. As always, the safety of our guests and employees is now our top priority. 
At Payava Hotel, we work in harmony with the Ministry of Tourism and the World Health Organization (WHO) in this process and offer you a holiday experience where you can feel safe.

In our facility, guest rooms, restaurant and bar, public areas, kitchen and all other areas of use are frequently disinfected with products approved by the Ministry of Health.

  • When our guests arrive at our hotel, their body temperature is measured and followed.
  • HES* code is requested and recording during check-in. 
  • Necessary precautions are taken against the density that may occur during check-in and check-out in our hotel.
  • In welcoming guests, our relevant staff keep disposable gloves, masks and medical waste bags.
  • The suitcases of our guests are disinfected with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machines during check-in.
  • Our rooms are cleaned and disinfected in detail with ULV machines, and the rooms that are checked-out are ventilated for a certain period of time.
  • The air conditioners are regularly maintained with hydrogen peroxide and disinfect their filters. 
  • Lift capacity utilization has been rearranged.
  • The points that are in frequent contact in all general areas are disinfected and controlled.
  • The seating groups in our general spaces have been repositioned according to the physical distance rules.
  • In general areas, non-contact hand disinfectant units are available at every point needed.
  • Our sun loungers in our pool areas are arranged in accordance with the physical distance rule. Please do not move them.
  • The tables, chairs and sitting areas in our Food & Beverage areas are arranged in accordance with the safe distance recommended by our ministry.
  • Our personnel in charge of the open buffet areas control the distance rules. In the buffet, our guests use masks and gloves.
  • Our personnel use protective materials such as masks and gloves or face shields during service.
  • Hygiene standards are applied and controlled in the general areas of the personnel.
  • When you see symptoms of Covid-19 in yourself or in the hotel, you should inform the reception.

*How Can I obtain HES code?
You can get your personal code via the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile app or by sending a text message to 2023 that includes the following: HES TR ID No, the last four digits of the serial number on your ID card and the number of days, ensuring that there is a single space between all (Example: HES 12345678901 5376 30). People whose Foreigner’s ID No issued by the Turkish Republic start with 97, 98, and 99 can obtain a HES code by sending a text message to 2023 (only Turkish GSM operators) starting with HES and continuing with TR ID number, date of birth (year), and the number of days for which HES code should remain valid, ensuring that there is a single space between all.

At Payava Hotel, we are ready to give you the safest possible holiday experience. 
We wish you a happy, healthy holiday.

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