Gate to Kalkan

Kalkan is set in one of Europe’s most breath-taking, grand sweeping Mediterranean bays, with the truly majestic Taurus Mountains as a backdrop. The region, where the famous historian Heredot used the phrase “The closest place to the stars in the world” for it, an exquisite harbour, full of Turkish wooden gulets and small fishing craft, bordered with waterfront restaurants and the beach, is where the beautiful and historic old town area extends back from the sea.

Formerly an important coastal trading port, Kalkan is now a thriving but still unspoilt holiday resort with the bustling historic Old Quarter being the heart of the town. Fantastic rooftop restaurants, cute cafes, old village houses with cobblestone, magnificent natural landscapes, ancient ruins of thousands of years of Lycian civilization, unique silver jewelry designers, boat tours in turquoise waters, unforgettable nature sports, world-famous diving centers to observe the underwater and more will be waiting for you.

Kalkan has a typical Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and rainy and warm winters. Seawater temperature rarely falls below 15 degrees, so the swimming season for swimmers and diving lasts for 9 months. Average temperature in summer is 35-40 degrees and in winter, it is between 14-16 degrees in months. So, you can enjoy Kalkan, not only in summer, but also winter season. Be sure that you will explore different shades of Kalkan in each season.